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This is NOT the Matrix (1999 movie)

..but maybe Better. if we make it so.. Certainly stated with no disrespect or denigration toward those who created and helped make the seminal 1999 movie (indeed they largely inspired our collective, current state of progress with VR/Metaverse), however this project would like to remain distinct on the basis of highlighting and enabling the Positive aspects (i.e. direct & derivative benefits of Metaverse) for Humanity, while simultaneously precluding the negative.

Movie Positives (inspirational):

Simulation Theory

Unlimited Human Potential

Movie negatives:

violence depictions dystopian outcomes

Further analysis of the movie may make for an interesting continued or future post as time & resources allow, however, in the meantime..

..VirtualAbundance would like to preclude any/all of the negative, while helping to represent and manifest all of the Positive that is possible within an equitably & judiciously administered, universally available Metaverse.


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