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Phase 2.. 


..of two phase engineering project.  Essentially a bio-tech implementation of Phase 1 yielding a range of additional cascading benefits.  Likely to cost more than Phase 1 initially, but resulting in a lower cost to scale. 

Unique Monetization Model.. 

Potentially combined with Phase 1, Phase 2 presents an opportunity for a unique and powerful* monetization model only made possible from value inherent in the underlying Phase 2 innovation.  For example:  would you be willing to pledge up to 20% of personal net worth (comprised mostly of un or under utilized physical assets) in exchange for: 
  a. increasing personal longevity by a factor of at least two (doubling your lifespan)
  b. rejuvenating your physical body to an optimal state of youth and health
  c. having unlimited access to an infinite canvas of creativity & lifestyle expression
  d. in an environment enabling remaining 80% of assets to achieve orders of magnitude increase in buying power
  e. all while helping to rebalance our global ecosystem?   

Additional Explanation.. 

As mentioned within FAQ, due to nature of capital markets, key enabling components of innovation to be held temporarily behind Non-Disclosure Agreement.  If able, willing, & intrigued, please notify of interest at and we'll send over a NDA for further completion.  

Looking forward to further collaboration. 

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