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Phase 1.. 

..of two phase engineering project.


Provide participants a highly immersive, comfortable, lifestyle replacing virtual environment at minimal to no cost*. 

*No cost made possible via a combination of UBI (Universal Basic Income) and/or re-allocation of pre-existing public subsidies (i.e. public assistance, welfare, section 8 housing, etc).  Those most in need would likely see the largest immediate benefit, however, overall/macro benefits should quickly accrue to even those least in need (brief example:  mitigation of various & escalating security concerns, needs, & costs due to current increasing economic inequality). 

The net effect on participants will be to eliminate an infinite number of stress triggers ..freeing their minds to self-actualize (i.e. explore, find true passions & talents, self educate, and express their unique creative & productive capacity as individual passions guide). 


Would comprise minimalist, clean, simple, individual living quarters ..combined with the latest & greatest in high speed internet access and virtual reality gear.  Living quarters could & perhaps should take the form of larger groups of small condos/efficiencies providing each participant a clean, quiet, safe place for privacy and time within their infinite, personal virtual space.  

Within the larger/collective condo footprint would be clean, inspiring common areas for non-virtual socializing, physical activity, and physical nourishment (details pending, although akin to Google-like food courts... fun varieties of healthy, quality foods).  

Assistance Needed.. 

Anticipated professions & skillsets necessary to implement Phase 1:  

  Grant Specialist(s) 
  Government Housing & Public Subsidy Specialist(s)
  Contract & Negotiation Specialist(s) 

  Interior & Exterior designer(s)
  Technology, Hardware Engineer(s) 
  Technology, Software Engineer(s) 
  Health & Wellbeing Specialist(s)
  Others to be determined..

If interested in contributing, please notify (with any qualifying information you feel comfortable) at  

Looking forward to collaborative efforts toward improved lives & lifestyles for all of Humanity. 


Additional detail pending (although larger picture summarized above)..  

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