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*********************************************************************************** Recent (as of 10-2-21):

1. Periodic minor additions/changes/updates to website (primarily to experiences list on About page).

2. Periodic posts to Twitter responding to and highlighting ways this project could help resolve real-word problems.

3. Periodic (less frequent than Twitter) Blog posts.

4. Overall Project Status:

Awaiting enabling capital.. is continually exploring and exerting primary efforts to somehow recreate the wheel of success within current economically enabling markets (i.e. finance/trading & real estate), however those efforts continue with an indefinite eta.

Until such efforts produce discretionary, out-of-pocket, investable income of at least 200M, ideally 1-2B*, this project may be either on temporary hold, or need to await proper** enabling 3rd party (Angel) investments & guidance.

As Angels go, if you happen to know of anyone who may be interested in such an investment, please reach out (or have them reach out) to

*Full acknowledgment of low probability of achieving (thus Angel Investor outreach), however it has been done before (e.g. Buffett, Soros, Tudor Jones, and many others).

**Proper as determined by willingness to invest 1-2B with terms that ensure a 10x+ return, but then allow Equity to revert back to the Collective..

..and Control (what little may be necessary to ensure proper real-world interface & maintenance) to revert back to either the Collective and/or an actual (enabled via DAO) democratically elected & accountable representation of Collective.

*********************************************************************************** Recent (as of July 2018):


Requests for funding and/or sponsorship submitted to the following groups June-July 2017..

(Time since then consumed with ongoing self-funding efforts, in addition to allowing a few months for their working through any backlogs; however was either not chosen or have not yet heard back..)

Will be following up and/or re-submitting in the weeks to come, perhaps with additional groups. However if you know of other individuals or groups to whom this project may be best submitted, please feel free to notify.

For the moment the author, like most folks, is caught up in the seemingly overwhelming minutia of attempting to create enough cash flow (via various entrepreneurial endeavors) to enable self funding. Those efforts continue; however, unless lotto-level success arrives rapidly, our best bet may be getting this project in front of the right Angel investors asap.

To that end, please feel free to share the URL of this website..

a. ..with anyone you know who may be able to assist (Angel Investors, Scientists, Doctors, Tech Gurus, and other fellow humans)

b. ..within the comments section of related news articles, blogs, social media, etc. For example, the quick & simple comments post here: c. ..via any other creative means

Yours in hopeful project achievement, Anon

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