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Adjusted Predictions for Dr. Diamandis' 'Demonetized Cost of Living'

Dr. Diamandis does an excellent job of explaining the underlying economic case for the proposed innovation here:

or (archive link; may need to highlight & copy/paste into new browser tab)

However, the subject innovation of this website would likely manifest alternative outcomes from those predicted by Dr. Diamandis, and in the process more rapidly catalyze worldwide Abundance. This blog post seeks to explain.

First, let's imagine a fully immersive virtual world (akin to or GTA5), however one in which the participant's mind/consciousness is separated (functionally, not actually) from the needs of their physical body in such a way to enable the following benefits.. ..Physical body: rejuvenation, maintenance, preservation ..Mind: complete freedom to exist/explore an infinite digital/virtual world of Abundance.

Somewhat like the virtual (or similar) environments depicted within the following movies.. The Matrix Vanilla Sky Inception ..but without the scary plotlines. Indeed, without, participants would be free to live out their own movie(s) as often & as long as they desire.

So, within such an environment, what might be alternative or adjusted outcomes relative to the predictions within Dr. Diamandis' article? Perhaps the following..

(1) Transportation: "Ultimately, the poorest people on Earth will be chauffeured around." .. Adjusted prediction: with proposed innovation, 'all' people will no longer need to be chauffeured anywhere. Subsequent benefit would consist of freeing up related physical resources (vehicles, roads, factories to build cars, machinery to build roads, parking lots, etc), precluding related waste streams, and liberating uber drivers, insurance agents, mechanics, & others to pursue their personal/individual passions within the same infinite virtual universe.

(2) Food: "Also, as we make genetic and biological advances, we will learn how to increase yield per square meter." .. Adjusted prediction: proposed innovation would maximize 'utility' per square meter (optimizing how food is utilized via hyper-targeted, real-time nutritional application), further accelerating demonetization.

(3) Healthcare: "(i) Diagnostics" Adjusted prediction: proposed innovation would allow continual, real-time diagnostics ..enabling immediate access to & receipt of any organic whole-food based supplement as a remedy, reserving unnatural/invasive/surgical technology for use only in the most extreme cases (when natural means don't otherwise resolve).

"(iii) Chronic/Eldercare: Taking care of the aging of chronically ill will again be done most efficiently through Robots." .. Adjusted prediction: proposed innovation would provide the elderly and chronically ill simultaneous housing, physical rejuvenation, and an infinite virtual world ..reserving robotics for seldom needed assistance outside of subject innovation (no different than a healthy participant).

"(iv) Medicines: Medicines" As per (i) above, real-time diagnostics would allow targeted, real-time delivery of natural remedies to preclude and/or rapidly cure most ailments, deferring unnatural/engineered medicines for use in only the most extreme cases.

(4) Housing: "Location. Location. Location. People flock to high-density, desired areas, near the jobs and the entertainment. This market demand drives up the price." .. Adjusted prediction: proposed innovation would provide a housing equivalent (or superior) alternative, for dramatically less than the cost of any housing solution currently available.. ..while simultaneously providing a fully-immersive virtual world (thereby precluding demand premium for location and/or need for transportation relative to entertainment & socialization).

(1) Autonomous Cars As per '(1) Transportation' (above), this innovation would preclude the need for most forms of transportation; including most autonomous cars.

(2) Virtual Reality Dr. Diamandis is spot on here. Although the proposed innovation would go further and allow participants the ability to physically exist, rejuvenate, & preserve their renewed physique for long duration within a single location, while remaining fully engaged with their everyday lives (perhaps with some adjustment to their new infinite virtual canvas; akin to adjustments one makes when moving between physical residences).

(5) Energy: Adjusted prediction: proposed innovation would preclude the need for most forms of transportation, many current residential & commercial structures, and related industrial utilities ..thereby reducing the demand for electricity by many orders of magnitude.

(6) Education: Dr. Diamandis is spot on here. This innovation would provide a fully-immersive virtual world, thereby fully leveraging the many wonderful educational resources highlighted by Peter.

(7) Entertainment: Adjusted prediction: This innovation would provide a fully-immersive virtual world, allowing participants an infinite canvas for any and all lifestyle choices & curiosities relative to entertainment, creativity, and self exploration & expression en route to self actualization.

"Join Me" Would be great...would love to if: a. someone (at Dr. Diamandis' offices) would assist with prior emails to regarding on how to best proceed given my current short-term financial limitations (much to my personal frustration, I'm still currently hung up within the lower rungs of Maslow's Heirarchy of Needs) b. I'm somehow able to sufficiently free myself up financially to further focus personal time & capital on the proposed innovation. If you agree with and/or are excited by the prospects & potential shared within this blog post ..and would like to help manifest, please feel free to contribute in any of the following ways: 1. Forward this blog post to Dr. Diamandis (and/or other enabling representatives within his office). 2. Forward this blog post to any other Tech or Finance moguls seeking to help make the world a better place. 3. Share with family & friends. 4. Leave comments, questions, thoughts, & feedback within specific Blog posts and/or Forums (for longer discussions on focused topics). 5. Leave a testimonial. 6. Consider joining our engineering implementation team.

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