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[Evolving narrative, initial outline...]

  • Science

  • Mathematics

  • Language

  • Education

  • Money

  • Infrastructure (roads/walls/doorways/etc)

  • Electronics (

  • Software (compilers)

  • Phones

  • Internet (, URL)

  • Companies

  • Audio

  • Video

  • Professional organizations (IEEE) (& any profession)

  • Many others...

Virtually every form of modern convenience/technology/entertainment (& many aspects of necessary/life-sustaining physical infrastructure) are made possible by a commonly accepted set of Standards.

Certainly there is variability/customization, but underlying enabling mechanisms are same/similar, and any variability comes at a less-scalable/inequity-fomenting price (as perhaps it should, due to the additional attention/labor required by someone to create).

Standards are pre-determined patterns of behavior, leading to a consistent desired outcome.

Extrapolating to the issues of today: Rather than continue with an economy based on inequity (and the countless vagaries therefrom: homelessness, crime, corruption, politics, etc)..

..why not create & evenly distribute a set of scalable, life-affirming standards for the 'physical' aspects of Living?

With initial focus on..




..freeing participants to self-actualize and contribute their talents, artistry, passions, & discoveries for joyful consumptive experiences by all Humans.

Creating a positive feedback loop that can rapidly resolve many/most currently untenable worldwide challenges/problems ..effectively serving to upgrade & increase the rate of Human evolution. Let's Evolve Together...


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