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"The world of"reality has its limt; the world of imagination is boundless." ~Jean-Jacques Rousseau



The world of reality is limited by Scarce Resource (root cause of every form of lack, conflict, struggle).
The world of Imagination has no such limit. 

Resolve resource scarcity (in part by providing Imagination a more fully virtual existence) and therefrom peace, order, harmony & Abundance naturally flow.  

Such is our objective.

Please join us..

One might inquire: 

"Ok, I understand how virtual worlds & immersive experiences such as.. 


..can be infinite, and afford participants a life beyond imagination..
..but how can I fully engage & enjoy when I'm caught up in the vagaries of scarce resource (i.e. "I have to ________ (go to work, take care of others, go shopping, run errands, fix the house, go to war, etc).")? 


The innovation underlying this website (Phase 2..) provides a solution.

To that end, this website seeks: 

1. To highlight the many benefits (both individual & societal) that accrue from an elective shift to a more fully virtual existence. 

2. To begin building a team to implement a two-phase engineering project.

3. To acquire sponsorship (funding, guidance, & other resources; from one or more Angel investors) to fund aforementioned engineering project and related innovation (Phase 2..) serving as a catalyst for rapidly and efficiently scaling the inherent Abundance within a fully virtual existence. 

With your support and sharing this website with Angel investor friends, we can make such an improved world (both physical & virtual) a reality.  

I, & many others, look forward to meeting you there...


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