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Alternative perspective on supposition within introduction to Mimetic Theory

A great introduction to a powerful, modern philosophical perspective on Humanity:

And an alternative, further empowering perspective made possible from the standpoint of the subject innovation..

Excerpt from "Not because they need the same things (food, sex, scarce material goods), but because they want what will earn others' envy."

Alternative Perspective: Why do they seek envy? If not to indirectly/surreptitiously empower/employ the labor* of masses whom follow the subject of envy.

*..for direct personal benefit (i.e. food, sex, scarce material goods). A circular slight-of-hand that has empowered the elite for eons. Which is 'not' to denigrate the elite, rather to highlight and redeploy scarce resources to better empower all humans, 'including' the elite. After all, elite further benefit from the richness & variety of relaxed, creative, self-actualized masses (immediate example: the Arts).

Excerpt from ".. Girard realized that people don't fight over their differences. They fight because they are the same, and they want the same things."

Excellent & concise insight. Follow-on theory: those 'same things' 'they want' are simply the means by which to satisfy their individual Maslovian hierarchy of needs Envy is just a tool (within a world of scarce resource) by which to achieve a fleeting/decaying relative quasi-abundance (one dependent upon scarce resource) ..enabling the envied to fulfill their individual hierarchy of needs and pursue self-actualization (however, unfortunately, at the expense of both collective scarce resources and the labor of those engrossed in envy). In brief resolution, the subject innovation (of this website) would directly enable both virtual and real world abundance from which all humans could fulfil their Maslovian hierarchy of needs envy required.

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