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Why Success is About Action

So how to begin taking Action? (Borrowing from FAQ..) 1. Please share the thoughts & ideas on this website with family and friends ..particularly if they know (or happen to be) one of our potential future angel investors.

2. Share links to this website and/or specific Blog posts as desired.

3. Subscribe for updates and new blog posts.

4. Participate and provide feedback within Blog comments and Forum.

5. Post a testimonial of support on the How to Contribute page.

6. Consider joining our engineering implementation team.

Eventually looking to:

a. Accept donations on behalf of the project (perhaps via non-profit entity; although currently seeking to minimize limitations on the project until adequate counsel can be obtained for further guidance).

b. Consider creation of a campaign. (If you have thoughts and/or ideas on how to do so, please share within the Forum or at

c. Devise a method of accountable contribution whereby those with skillsets needed to develop the project are able to contribute on an initial pro-bono/volunteer basis, yet receiving equivalent or greater compensation once the project becomes cashflow positive.

In the meantime:If adventurous & anxious to contribute financially, please consider doing so at

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