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Phase 2 Monetization Model (numbers).. 

*Powerful when considering that older folks with resources (High Net Worth individuals) stand to lose the most (financial & otherwise) should they not have the option to extend their lives. 

Approximate numbers, just for fun: 

2200 Billionaires in the world..

..with an average net worth of 4.1 Billion. 

Standard direct mail conversion rate (conservative proxy metric):  2% (until tangible results & network effect kick in) 

2200 x .02 = 44 x 4.1B = 180.4B x .20(20%** proposed pledge to participate) = 36.08B 


So an approximate project valuation of $36.08 Billion .. with just*** 2% buy-in from the Billionaires of the world (folks with the means and motivation to invest .. once we can gain their attention). 

Your assistance gaining their attention would be wonderful.  Please feel free to share this website..
..and advise if we're able to further assist .. 

**Pareto Principle, 80/20 Rule.. 
..20% produces 80% of results.  We request just 20% (of least productive assets, clutter) in exchange for providing a paradigm shift of increased health, longevity, lifestyle, and buying power. 

***What if: 
  a. higher conversion rate (for example closer to Pareto 20%)
  b. broader adoption (beyond Billionaires) 

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